Who is this for?

True BeautyAre you ready for major change in your life? Are you living up to your fullest potential? Or, are you feeling stuck and unable to reach the next level of your life? Did you “lose yourself” somewhere along your life’s journey? Are you tired of that little sabotaging voice in your head, that destroys your self esteem and inflames your insecurities? Are you ready to feel alive and confident from your core? Do you feel like you are ready to experience a LIFE WORTH LIVING, full of Passion and significance? Are you ready to know what it feels like to have a desire or a want for something, and have the confidence to get it with ease? Do you want to know what if feels like to BE confident and successful, and have extreme self worth? Do you want to know what it feels like to wake up every day happy and fulfilled, truly loving who you are, knowing you are making a difference on this Earth before you leave it, knowing you are valued and loved?

If you are ready to come out of hiding once and for all and let your true gifts shine so you can live your life in freedom, you are in the right place. If you are done with feeling like you are alone in a world full of people, you are in the right place. If you are ready to feel truly confident in your own skin, rather than feeling like you are different from every one else, you are in the right place. If you are truly ready to know your worth and your value and reign the throne of your life in full confidence and knowing of your greatness, you are in the right place. If you are ready to learn how to share your true self with the world, unhindered, to inspire and empower others, you are in the right place.

EEvery woman is designed for Greatness. Every woman has the potential within her, to live out her greatest dreams in her physical reality truly loving every ounce of her soul. Every woman has a right to live her life out fully, as a fully expressed beautiful version of her highest self, fulfilling her life purpose. Unfortunately, a good majority of women will never realize these truths and will end up losing their lust for life. Out of fear of exposing who we really are, we spend most of our time in hiding. Even when we are out in the world full of other people, we never quite feel like we are “one of them”. Most of us were taught at a very young age to hide our intuitive gifts, to hide our true selves, to be seen and not heard. In fear of being seen as “different” and excluded from the others, we attempt to turn our true self off, and we begin to see our gifts as a curse. We walk through life feeling like there is something “wrong with us”, like we are “weird” or “broken”. This may not even be something that is realized until time has somehow gotten away from you, and before you know it you are living half of a life in hiding. The impact and conditioning from traumatic experiences (even heartbreaks are trauma, sometimes the worst kind) and childhood imprinting, causes us to never feel “good enough” or “worthy enough”. Most of us do not even know our inherent true value. In life we are taught to put everyone else first (even their distorted opinions of us) before we even think about ourselves; and out of an unconscious fear of being rejected, we comply. As humans we desire to be included and part of the tribe. Primitively if we were to be different, we would be cast out, and ultimately die. The funny thing is this is still very much a part of our human behavior as a whole, however, we don’t die right away, it is a slow painful internal death. Adding to this, As women we are taught to judge ourselves to standards of beauty that are photo shopped and unrealistic, and the reinforcing of the “I will never be good enough” continues; this adds to our self defeatism underneath the surface and our belief that we will never be accepted as we are. We constantly belittle ourselves within the confines of our minds, not even realizing we are doing it; continuously poisoning ourselves with hate. We are taught that loving ourselves is a sin and we are selfish if we ever put ourselves first. We all desire to be “good people”, so we act accordingly and put ourselves last as we see what happens when people put themselves first; they are labeled “cocky, conceited, arrogant”, etc.) We become girlfriends, wives and mothers, and we are taught in-order to be good at any of these things, we must sacrifice ourselves. The programming in our consciousness is set up for us to doubt and belittle ourselves, more so than it is set up for us to have true core confidence and know that we are capable of anything; 70-80% of the programs we are running in our brains are limiting and defeating. Our false limiting identity is running the show and we become stuck in mediocrity and hiding (even when we think we are “putting ourselves out there” there is still this underlying discord that lingers), never understanding that there is a way to heal our limitations, reprogram and recondition ourselves and our brains, to live our lives in any way we choose and to let our lights shine brightly. We lose our passion for life and become prisoners of our limitations, and instead of deliberately creating the best version of ourselves and the best version of our lives, we get stuck. We unconsciously seek for external approval to validate our worth through “things” and/or relationships (every being on this planet has a need to be accepted and when we do not fully accept ourselves, we look to the external to fill that void). This external validation is stressful and is a never ending battle; this is why statistically 1 out of 2 women will die of a stress related disease. This is why we “lose” ourselves and never feel whole. The only way to be truly happy in life is to LOVE and fully ACCEPT WHO YOU ARE from the inside out, and to ALLOW THE GIFTS YOU HAVE TO SHARE WITH THE WORLD to SHINE. We all know this on some level. Think about how many times you have heard “you have to love yourself first”, and then you think to yourself, “Well how the heck do I do that?!”. Fortunately, this is what we are all about here, and here you are.

If any of this sounds familiar to you, do not be discouraged. There is an answer. You can begin to feel what it feels like to really live life. You can Reinvent yourself into the greatest version of you possible. You can live a life full of Passion and Happiness. You can Love yourself from the inside out. You can have a life worth living, and you must. Imagine living from a self that is so filled up, you have more to give, more to contribute, more to add to the world. Imagine waking up feeling beautiful in your skin, feeling beautiful when you look in the mirror, happy with the reflection you see. Imagine having a lust for life that is insatiable; where your relationships are full and harmonious, where things just seem to happen for you, as if by magic, where your business blesses you with abundance and prosperity, where people admire you and love you for who you are and what you contribute, from the wholeness of your full self, rather than the need to be filled. Imagine waking up in the morning and feeling passion and a deep sense of gratitude for your blessed life. Imagine being the beautiful woman you have deliberately created, living the beautiful life you deserve to live. Beautiful from the inside out. There is a tried and proven process for reinventing you and your life. Within our teachings you will come to know your true power as a woman and you will know how to shine your light, unobstructed. You will come to know how to reinvent yourself and your life at quantum speeds. We have not only transformed and transcended our own lives through “The Power Of A Woman” teachings, but the lives of women across the globe. We welcome you with open arms, and we deeply thank you for your “asking” for a better you, and a better life. The time is NOW.

If you are ready to really LIVE LIFE, this is for you. Time is passing. If not NOW, WHEN? YOU ARE WORTH IT, NOW.

Are you ready to reinvent your life?

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