We have all seen the images of Kim K baring it all.  This isn’t the first time though, as some would argue her sex tape is what created her pathway to fame in the first place.  Some of us support her, some of us bash her, either way you look at it, you look at it.   What is our fascination with her?  Is it her beauty? Is it her untamed sex appeal?  For me, it is her ability to maintain her sense of self worth and keep on keepin’ on, even when the “haters” of the world are attempting to tear her down.  Whether you love her or you hate her, you can’t deny that if it was you who was on the stage of the world, you would crumble at some of the things people say to her and about her.  Of course, the ego side of you is saying… “no I wouldn’t”, but the truth of the matter is, not many of us have that level of confidence to block out the negative things people say about us.  Think about your own life for a second.  How many times have you been wounded when someone says something mean to you, or about you?  How many arguments have you been in because someone “threw salt at you” and it burned like a mother ******?  We could all stand to use higher self worth and we would all benefit from valuing ourselves just a little more.  In fact, those of you who are stuck in judgement towards her are the ones who are the most wounded.  If you had true core self confidence, and knew your value and your worth, you would judge no one.

I think the real problem here is not Kim’s nude photos or her “untamed” behavior.  It is the people who are judging her so harshly.  “We” are upset that she’s “teaching our girls negative behavior and self disrespect”, but what the hell are we teaching them by bashing her?!  That it’s okay to tear another woman down out of our own insecurities. That is the root of the problem, our insecurities.  If you knew who you truly were, and you were in love with yourself from the inside out (NOT THE OUTSIDE IN), you wouldn’t waste your time judging her.  You would know that in judgement we hold ourselves in place, in a negative place.  Judgement doesn’t feel good, and in that not feeling good it is stifling your life force.  The negative feelings you are projecting in her direction, are flowing back to you like a boomerang that is missing its intended target.  Get to the real truth of the matter and figure out what limiting and faulty programs you have in your consciousness that cause you to attack another woman.  Only then will “our girls” learn the truth of self worth and value.  Insecurity means you are not secure.  If you are not secure, you attack.  Security means secure in our bodies, within our selves as a whole, and our worlds.  When you look at photos of her and it is causing you to go into attack mode (I don’t care what your conscious excuse for doing it is either), it means you are insecure.  It means you have faulty learned, and conditioned belief systems of your unworthiness within your consciousness.  We have been taught that beauty is what’s outside when in fact this is as false as it can get. These programs are wreaking havoc in your life and your relationships and you aren’t even aware of it.  It’s extremely painful and it causes your life force to diminish, on every level, in every area.  Your beauty is not what is on the outside.  It is not how big your boobs are, it is not how big your butt is, it is not the length of your hair, it is not the size of your lips, IT IS YOUR LIGHT FROM WITHIN.  Your light is either shinning brightly or it is diminished by judgment making you look even “uglier”.  The external beauty is magnified when we have a beautiful relationship with who we are and we are not afraid to shine our light to the world.  The most important relationship you have, is the relationship with yourself.  This is the foundation for ALL of your other relationships and you are in a relationship with EVERYTHING: from money to your man to your happiness.  You can’t change it until you become aware of it.


1.) REALIZE YOU ARE NOT ALONE AND THAT EVERYONE HAS SOME ISSUES REGARDING THEIR WORTH.  Most of the programs that we are running in our consciousness are limiting.  In fact leading edge science has proven that 80% of these programs and beliefs are sabotaging and stifling to ourselves and our lives.

2.) USE YOUR FEELINGS TO FIGURE OUT THE ROOT OF THE SELF WORTH ISSUE. In other words, when you get into a situation that causes you pain, ask yourself “where does this pain come from?”.  9 times out of 10 it will stem from a childhood pain.  This original infliction point has been conditioned and engrained into your consciousness throughout your life and you are unconsciously perpetuating it.

3.) INSTEAD OF BEING REACTIVE, BE RESPONSIVE. Rather than continuing your life of judgement against other people and yourself (if you are judging Kim, you are judging a whole lot more than just her in your day to day life), stop judging everything for 10 days.  When you feel yourself slipping into the judgement, respond by acknowledging and starting over.  Look at the root cause of your pain from an adult perspective, and give yourself permission to see the truth, from a higher vantage point.  Most of the time when we remember a trauma or pain from our past, we associate with it as though we are reliving it.  This is the inner child within us that has not been healed.  It is an immature expression and we are still holding the pain from this issue as though it is still happening.  This is our brains way of keeping us protected, only it doesn’t work, it keeps us from experiencing life.  When you give yourself permission to release it, and see it for what it really is, through the eyes of someone with a wiser perspective, it will heal and change.  You can also ask for help from your Source (whatever you believe in).  Not only are you healing this on a physical level, you are healing this for your future self as well.  It really is that easy.

4.) FORGIVE YOURSELF AND MOVE ON. DO SOMETHING NICE FOR YOURSELF. Go out and buy yourself something nice.  If you are truly conscious enough to do the above steps, you deserve a reward.  We spend so much time looking at other people and judging and comparing ourselves to them that we forget our own light.  If you can go 10 days without judging ANYTHING, reward yourself!!


If you truly want to rid yourself of that inner critic who not only puts down the Kims of the world but YOU too, visit www.BrillianceMeetsBeauty.com/the-power-of-a-woman to learn how you can LOVE WHO YOU ARE from the inside out AND CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER.  REINVENT YOU, REINVENT YOUR LIFE.



In Love and In Light,




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