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This Empowering and Beautiful Book is not just a regular “book”. It is Your Guide to creating the life of your dreams. Jam packed with step by step guides and easy to do proven practices, to Heal your past, Empower Your Present, and Create Your Future. Enjoy the Journey.

Their journey is one that leads you to living a life of your dreams, on terms of your own. Randina and Chelsie take a bold approach to uprooting and removing your most suppressing and poisonous beliefs while seeding your soul with powerful self love and recognition. With a firm and unrelenting belief that every woman can live magnificently, if only she will embrace her own magnificence and commit to change and transformation from her very core on out. These two ladies will not allow you to hide in any more shadows, or dress yourself up in excuses anymore. This book will show you how to get all the money your heart desires while living in your truth, and how to get the man of your dreams and keep him. Be warned, if you are married to your bullshit beliefs and your nasty habit of downplaying yourself then you may stop reading here as there is no point in pursuing a love affair with yourself, which is exactly what these two will introduce you to. This journey does not start and stop from page one to the end, oh no…it continues through a three part series and community led by the Powerful Change Agents themselves. If you want to know how life really works, if you want to know how to reinvent yourself rendering it impossible to fail in any endeavor you choose, if you wish to command your life and get everything you have ever wanted, they will show you how. Here’s to embracing your power and unleashing your sexy!

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5.0 out of 5 stars Master Healer and an Amazing book March 6, 2015
By Ashleigh

I have had the opportunity to work with Randina over the phone throughout the last 7 years. She is really a master healer. She uses her vast knowledge as well as her intuition to help guide to healing. I have had so many breakthroughs with her and her guidance. She has helped me find my power through divorce, death, and many other traumas.
As women we are made to feel that we need to service others and forget about self. Which is absurd, how can you help others if you have drained yourself? This book, as well as sessions with Randina, will truly help you find and keep your power. My life has changed dramatically from working with her. I went from being broke and virtually living out of my car, to owning a multi-milion dollar house and thriving in my cosmetology and yoga businesses. I went from being diagnosed as bi-polar and manic depressive to being TRULY happy, content and joyous. With-out medication;)

If you are really ready for the life you love, my advice would be to get this book. And make an appointment with Randina.

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