Praise for Brilliance Meets Beauty


rachael-photo“AMAZING! Your voice is beautiful and your words so powerful and loving. Thank you for sharing this angelic work with me. Creates a nice peaceful shift…and exactly what I needed in the moment I needed it.”

“I have had the pleasure of working with Randina Marie for over 4 years. Randina is a Universally beautiful, dedicated practitioner of the work that inspires women to live their most beautiful selves. Her inside out, outside in approach cuts through self worth issues to reveal a more confident, beautiful, and loving woman.. allowing powerful transformation.

Thanks for your good work…love you xoxo”

-Rachael Eiguren


“Randina Marie has helped me in making huge leaps forward in my business and life!”

“When I started working with Randina I felt stuck, and wasn’t taking the action or getting the results I wanted in my business. She’s helped me uncover deep inner blocks and patterns that were holding me back and has given me invaluable tools and exercises that I can use for life, all of which have helped support me in living at my fullest and most divine potential. Randina is a very powerful, gifted teacher and guide and her intuition is spot on. I always look forward to our calls and receiving her wisdom and support. I am so grateful to have her in my life and for the work that she does and shares with the world.”

-Jennifer Parr
“Health and Happiness Coach”


rachael-photo“I have had the opportunity to have several healings with Randina, and each time I feel like a weight has been lifted from me.”

“The past events in my life that were negatively affecting me “disappeared”. Randina helps me to get to the root of the issue within minutes. She is a natural, and I feel very comfortable in her care. Randina is an indispensable component of both my past and future life. I am incredibly appreciative to be in her presence, and would happily pay double from across the world to have access to her knowledge and inspiration. Her influence has led me understand my potential, which has resulted in exponential growth in health and wealth in all aspects of my life.

Everyone should have a Randina in their life.”

-Danielle R.


“Randina Marie is my Go-To for tipping the scales in my life! There truly is no one like her!”

“Together we have built an array of tools for a variety of situations and still there are those times when I can see or hear the answer and I just can’t bring it into the physical on my own. She is always there to be the extra push that I need. Whenever I am faced with a situation where the truth is working to emerge, a habit is about to break, an experience has served it purpose, or I am lost in confusion she and her team help me break through so that I can be more of me. I am forever appreciative for her place in my life.
She is a brilliant guide to remembering who you are at your core. She gives tools for you to do the work on your own as well as intuition to take you to the next level. I wouldn’t be where I am on my joyous path if it weren’t for her. Thank you soul sister!”

-Roxzan Castro
TV Scout

rachael-photo“Randina make me believe in myself! Thank you!”

“I met Randina a little over a year ago! Since then Randina and I started Hair Philosophy and have become the closest of friends. I was lucky enough to have her train me in ways where I doubled my income! She also is wonderful at deep healing and we have done many sessions which have helped me in life to overcome the fears of failure.”

-Airen Ware


“Working with Randina awakened more opportunities and revealed a more solid path to success.”

“My hair extensions journey began in a Senegal African braid shop 15 years ago. Soon after, I became certified with Hairdreams and traveled the US as a Hairdreams trainer. I later became certified by Hairlocs and NXS Hair, Great Lengths, Ultratress, New Image Labs Wig Co., and Hot Heads Hair Extensions. I began applying tape-in extensions, fusions extensions, shrink tubes, micro beads, full and partial braided weaves, bonded weaves, beaded wefts, flat tracks, beaded tress, wire tress, clip ins , ponytails, wig units and top of the head pieces and closures. As a perfectionist, becoming a hair extensions specialist was easy, but transitioning it into a successful career had its challenges.”



rachael-photo“Randina has a gift for tapping into the positivity within and promoting growth for her clients. I would highly recommend her as a life coach who can meet you where you are at in life, and then guide you to a better destination.”

“Sometimes a little spark may be needed to get us back on the path to reaching our full potential. Working with Randina gave me that inner rejuvenation that I was seeking, yet couldn’t seem to attain on my own. I felt stagnant and couldn’t seem to figure out what was holding me back. Here I was an accomplished woman who had earned a graduate degree and secured a fulfilling career, yet I couldn’t seem to get it together in my relationships (my current one included!) Despite being skeptical about self-help methodologies in general, I gave it a shot and was immediately drawn to Randina’s coaching style. Her approach was compassionate yet solution-focused, since she immediately offered strategies to facilitate change and healing.

Randina was able to guide me in making connections that I had somehow lost sight of through years of repeating the same dysfunctional patterns in my relationships. I was able to explore some of the issues in my current relationship and learn more about myself in the process. Even after one session, I found myself feeling empowered and hopeful that I could continue to break free from mental barriers that have been preventing me from achieving my absolute best. I’ve already noticed positive changes in my relationship, my work productivity, and most importantly in my overall outlook and happiness.”

-Emre Iscan


“Randina has an insatiable desire for knowledge and a passion to always elevate herself and others to a higher level of consciousness.”

rachael-photo“I spent most of my life “droning” through..being one of those that always thought things in life were just randomly happening, or that I was somehow a victim of circumstance and that if I worked hard and did good things for people, then I would have a happy life. Instead; amongst the good, I have also experienced a lot of negativity, drama and trauma throughout my life and I found myself often asking the question, “why is this happening TO me?” not realizing that I was subconsciously creating and reinforcing all of it.

When I met Randina, I was unaware of myself, my energy, my ability to create and manifest…unaware of the true power that lies within myself~ in each and every one of us! Over the years, Randina has become one of my healers.

Whether it be a serious healing session or a simple chat, there has never been a time that I leave a conversation with her without the feeling that I’ve learned something valuable about myself and the constant flow of energy and love all around every one of us. The beauty of her gift is in her willingness to share her journey and discoveries with not only her inner circle, but with the World! She has this uncanny way of helping you to see yourself and the World through different eyes..eyes of love and compassion. Her Coaching is so amazing in the way that she doesn’t “tell you what you should do” but instead helps you to see that YOU already KNOW what to do! She guides you to find YOUR innate ability to design your life any way you choose and genuinely celebrates empowering and uplifting others.

If you are in need of some assistance in this life to discover your true abilities to be a powerful creator, or simply need to heal and recharge your energy and positivity, look no further than Miss Randina Marie!”

-Tara Marie, California


” I know happiness is an internal job, but I owe finding it to her.”

“I have been working with Randina for years. Or should I say, she has been working with me! She is amazing in her work, I knew I wouldn’t be able to find another who is as on point as she is. The way that she guides you through the NLP exercises makes you feel comfortable and calm. The first few times I did them I felt a little funny. It wasn’t something that I was used to. There was on in particular that I still use to this day. It is a mental visualization tool to help you to know what your heart and soul really desire when you are faced with a “fork in the road”. In working with Randina, I also faced and changed many limiting beliefs that I have had since childhood that I didn’t even know were there! I was able to work through tough situations and times of massive release with the tools that she gave me and her guidance.”
-Ashleigh Andrea, Texas

rachael-photo“Randina has an uncanny ability to understand what is really going on deep in my psyche, despite what facts I choose to share. She has an innate ability to see past the surface, and her intuition is remarkable.”

“My experience with Randina has been transforming. She helped me discover the hidden blocks that I was unaware were even there. She helped me learn that the real laws of attraction are the ones we create for ourselves. They tend to be based on experiences that are seemingly forgotten. It is so important to understand that we ourselves create our experiences. Once we understand that, we can allow the deep healing to occur at the root cause. She helped to explore the depths of my pain, which fed on my insecurities. She worked with me to first understand my triggers and the memory that was causing my insecurities. As we worked through it, I went from a pain level of 10 to a zero. She helped me learn to let it go, and free myself from the chains of my own pain.

Randina has an uncanny ability to understand what is really going on deep in my psyche, despite what facts I choose to share. She has an innate ability to see past the surface, and her intuition is remarkable. This allows her the ability to help me work through my blocks in a manner that no one has ever been able to before. I have no doubt that if Randina didn’t work with me to heal, I would have continued to make the same choices, which were unhealthy, and I would still be attracting the wrong people in my life. I realize now they were attracted to my insecurities because that was what I was putting out there. Since this huge shift in my awareness my world has attracted more success and a healthy love.

Randina is a remarkable woman, an inspiring human being, and such a multi faceted person that I feel blessed to have her in my life. She makes you feel comfortable and empowered at the same time. She is exceptional.”

-Sari Harner