Chelsie’s Story

Chelsie-PhotosHello and welcome to our tribe!  I can’t express my excitement and gratitude for you enough!  I am Chelsie Rose, Co-founder of Brilliance Meets Beauty, and Co-Author of “The Power of a Woman”.  I first found my way to the transformational field about 8 years ago with a specialty in health, wellness, fitness and nutrition.  I quickly realized that there is an undeniable connection between body and mind, and that it was all but futile for me to try and encourage change to the external, without addressing the internal.  I was constantly discouraged to see so many people with so much potential for greatness, fail to see, let alone honor it in themselves.  Witnessing others who have so much want or desire for an outcome, and no faith in the possibility of its’ manifestation, was heartbreaking from the sidelines, so I began working with experts in the field of personal growth, self-knowing, spiritual healing and programming exchange, to bring real and lasting change to those who trusted me to do so.  I take a unique approach and perspective to the paradigm shift and soul searching that one must embrace to create a being of health, balance, beauty, energy and joy.  I am passionate about inspiring others to step into a version of themselves that most people reserve for the privacy and safety of their dreams.  My study includes N.A.S.M-CPT, STOTT Pilates- Advanced Instructor, Well Living and Living Wellness Course, Muay Thai- Red Belt, Competitive Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, and am currently enrolled in the Amen Method, by Dr. Daniel Amen.  I truly have an insatiable curiosity, wonder, and passion for unlocking the secrets and magic behind creating our own heaven on earth.  I want nothing but brilliance and beauty for myself and those I love-p.s you are now part of my tribe, which means you’re one of those souls I love.

After reading Randina’s story, many of you will relate in one sense or another, but the truth is, in Western society many of you will not.  For the most part our culture is one of comfort and relative ease.  That’s why so much of our life struggle begins and lives in our own mind.  Hate me for that?  Well, it’s true.  While other cultures struggles are true survival challenges such as food, shelter and medicine ours include boredom, lack of self worth and a victim mentality.  We make up bullshit stories in our head to torture ourselves.  For me I was a victim to comfort.  For me, nothing was miserable or dark or ugly.  Everything was just, boring.  This couldn’t be it.  Trading my valuable time for consistently short of just enough money at the end of month, couldn’t be it.  Taking the same road to work every day, that I took every day to high school, couldn’t be it.  Expecting that the same people I saw and spoke to day in and day out might have a different response to my “Hey how are you?”, couldn’t be it. I say that my greatest flaw is my habit of procrastination, but in my defense what in the hell was so important that I had to do anyhow?  As long as every 30 days I came up with a house payment, a car payment, insurance, gas and groceries, did it really matter how I went about that month?  Procrastination felt like the only sane response to a life that was procrastinating on me!  I figured eventually, if I wait patiently enough, something exciting and thrilling will find me.  I went through my phase of small town thinking, where us women feel like marriage and babies are the answer to what we’re waiting for, but I was blessed enough to be in a relationship with a guy who was scared to death at the thought of that at such a young age and bailed the moment he realized I was entertaining those ideas.  Note to self, I should send a thank you card.  It was this mundane and repetitive cycle that brought me to my new found thinking. I had a consistent and ever growing greater desire to experience more in life.  A desire of that magnitude and expressed day in and day out, by the Law Of Attraction, has to be addressed by the universe.  No, there was no still moment in time where the world stopped and the heavens opened up to me and shone down the answer to my prayers.  However, I began noticing little organic shifts in my world taking place, and the more I took note of these changes the more I could see the grand picture and shift that was happening.  First, my world needed some room for change.  People and relationships that were no longer serving me and my greater desires, started to fall away.  Hobbies that I took part in out of habit, were replaced with more “first times” than ever before.  American Idol and 20/20 Reports were traded in for the book that an inspiring stranger, or new friend would suggest.  I began writing and praying about my concerns, my dreams, and my curiosities about life versus opening them up to people who may or may not have understood, but instead I turned to myself for conversation.  (In case you didn’t pick up on the importance of the last part, that means I trusted MYSELF!)  Different teachers and leaders in the form of new friends, new guys, authors, lecturers, etc appeared “out of thin air”.  I began seeing that everything and everyone in life was beautiful, and that their story and experiences are beautiful lessons and expressions of the universe, if only I would listen and see.  I became fascinated by people.  Inspired by people.  It may sound “dangerous”, but I learned to love strangers.  I was excited to see who would sit next to me on a plane (oh and I have stories about that for another day), I looked forward to the barista who would make my coffee, I wanted someone to help me find my book at Barnes and Noble even though I could have figured it out on my own, because I was happy to know someone else who loved the company of new book to hold in your hands.  Nothing was added in my life.  In fact, many things were stripped, but I was experiencing something so new and beautiful, because I chose to experience it, to see it, to feel it, to taste it, to test it, and to pray at night that my dreams would keep exploring the world around me.  I was re-born, and my world was new.  I fell asleep in the same place, I drove the same car, I wore the same clothes, but my life was not the same.  Since the discovery that I can choose to filter my world for all I want, my life has done a 180 and I’m happy to tell you about it in the coming pages.

In Love and In Light,