We have all seen the images of Kim K baring it all.  This isn’t the first time though, as some would argue her sex tape is what created her pathway to fame in the first place.  Some of us support her, some of us bash her, either way you look at it, you look at it.   What is our fascination with her?  Is it her beauty? Is it her untamed sex appeal?  For me, it is her ability to maintain her sense of self worth and keep on keepin’ on, even when the “haters” of the world are attempting to tear her down.  Whether you love her or you hate her, you can’t deny that if it was you who was on the stage of the world, you would crumble at some of the things people say to her and about her.  Of course, the ego side of you is saying… “no I wouldn’t”, but the truth of the matter is, not many of us have that level of confidence to block out the negative things people say about us.  Think about your own life for a second.  How many times have you been wounded when someone says something mean to you, or about you?  How many arguments have you been in because someone “threw salt at you” and it burned like a mother ******?  We could all stand to use higher self worth and we would all benefit from valuing ourselves just a little more.  In fact, those of you who are stuck in judgement towards her are the ones who are the most wounded.  If you had true core self confidence, and knew your value and your worth, you would judge no one.

I think the real problem here is not Kim’s nude photos or her “untamed” behavior.  It is the people who are judging her so harshly.  “We” are upset that she’s “teaching our girls negative behavior and self disrespect”, but what the hell are we teaching them by bashing her?!  That it’s okay to tear another woman down out of our own insecurities. That is the root of the problem, our insecurities.  If you knew who you truly were, and you were in love with yourself from the inside out (NOT THE OUTSIDE IN), you wouldn’t waste your time judging her.  You would know that in judgement we hold ourselves in place, in a negative place.  Judgement doesn’t feel good, and in that not feeling good it is stifling your life force.  The negative feelings you are projecting in her direction, are flowing back to you like a boomerang that is missing its intended target.  Get to the real truth of the matter and figure out what limiting and faulty programs you have in your consciousness that cause you to attack another woman.  Only then will “our girls” learn the truth of self worth and value.  Insecurity means you are not secure.  If you are not secure, you attack.  Security means secure in our bodies, within our selves as a whole, and our worlds.  When you look at photos of her and it is causing you to go into attack mode (I don’t care what your conscious excuse for doing it is either), it means you are insecure.  It means you have faulty learned, and conditioned belief systems of your unworthiness within your consciousness.  We have been taught that beauty is what’s outside when in fact this is as false as it can get. These programs are wreaking havoc in your life and your relationships and you aren’t even aware of it.  It’s extremely painful and it causes your life force to diminish, on every level, in every area.  Your beauty is not what is on the outside.  It is not how big your boobs are, it is not how big your butt is, it is not the length of your hair, it is not the size of your lips, IT IS YOUR LIGHT FROM WITHIN.  Your light is either shinning brightly or it is diminished by judgment making you look even “uglier”.  The external beauty is magnified when we have a beautiful relationship with who we are and we are not afraid to shine our light to the world.  The most important relationship you have, is the relationship with yourself.  This is the foundation for ALL of your other relationships and you are in a relationship with EVERYTHING: from money to your man to your happiness.  You can’t change it until you become aware of it.


1.) REALIZE YOU ARE NOT ALONE AND THAT EVERYONE HAS SOME ISSUES REGARDING THEIR WORTH.  Most of the programs that we are running in our consciousness are limiting.  In fact leading edge science has proven that 80% of these programs and beliefs are sabotaging and stifling to ourselves and our lives.

2.) USE YOUR FEELINGS TO FIGURE OUT THE ROOT OF THE SELF WORTH ISSUE. In other words, when you get into a situation that causes you pain, ask yourself “where does this pain come from?”.  9 times out of 10 it will stem from a childhood pain.  This original infliction point has been conditioned and engrained into your consciousness throughout your life and you are unconsciously perpetuating it.

3.) INSTEAD OF BEING REACTIVE, BE RESPONSIVE. Rather than continuing your life of judgement against other people and yourself (if you are judging Kim, you are judging a whole lot more than just her in your day to day life), stop judging everything for 10 days.  When you feel yourself slipping into the judgement, respond by acknowledging and starting over.  Look at the root cause of your pain from an adult perspective, and give yourself permission to see the truth, from a higher vantage point.  Most of the time when we remember a trauma or pain from our past, we associate with it as though we are reliving it.  This is the inner child within us that has not been healed.  It is an immature expression and we are still holding the pain from this issue as though it is still happening.  This is our brains way of keeping us protected, only it doesn’t work, it keeps us from experiencing life.  When you give yourself permission to release it, and see it for what it really is, through the eyes of someone with a wiser perspective, it will heal and change.  You can also ask for help from your Source (whatever you believe in).  Not only are you healing this on a physical level, you are healing this for your future self as well.  It really is that easy.

4.) FORGIVE YOURSELF AND MOVE ON. DO SOMETHING NICE FOR YOURSELF. Go out and buy yourself something nice.  If you are truly conscious enough to do the above steps, you deserve a reward.  We spend so much time looking at other people and judging and comparing ourselves to them that we forget our own light.  If you can go 10 days without judging ANYTHING, reward yourself!!


If you truly want to rid yourself of that inner critic who not only puts down the Kims of the world but YOU too, visit www.BrillianceMeetsBeauty.com/the-power-of-a-woman to learn how you can LOVE WHO YOU ARE from the inside out AND CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER.  REINVENT YOU, REINVENT YOUR LIFE.



In Love and In Light,




The one thing that sets all humans apart


What is the one thing that sets us apart from each other, and other beings on this planet?
Their thoughts.  The way they perceive. Their Beliefs.  This is what makes each of us different.  Our operating systems have been programmed extremely differently, even if we are a twin and in the same environment as another our entire lives.  We are radically different.  Why?
Everything we have experienced in our lives means something to us individually.  Everything.  Every word, every encounter, every person, every bit of information we are exposed to means something different to each one of us.  All of the information we are exposed to has been stored in our consciousness to mean something.  Think of the word Love, it means something different to every person.  Think of the name James, it means something different to every person.  Your brain will scan for your specific meaning and give you a conclusion.  We make decisions in life based on what things mean to us.  Most meanings are preprogrammed from early childhood when our brains are in subconscious storing mode.  In this mode there is no critical mind and our conscious mind has not been developed yet, so everything we are exposed to we program as Truth.  Everything.  We learn who we are in this phase as well, or, in reality, who others think we are.  As adults we are living out our lives based on the meanings we were given from other people. Our patterns and systems for doing everything from money to relationships are fragments of other peoples programming (the people we were exposed to).  Even if we manage to override some of this programming as adults, the core foundations that were stored as children, are still the root of the operating system.  To give you an example of how conditioned we are allow me to highlight a study that was done on children and their creativity.  Most children before the age of 3 have a creativity rating of 100%.  Creativity is intuition, dreams, imagination, connection to the truth.  Ever see a baby smile out of no where as if smiling at something?  Or how about children who have Imaginary friends, or the new star children who are coming to this planet right now who see things and have incredible verifiable accounts of past lives?  Our intuition is our connection to our higher self, our source of creation, right?  We are fully connected in early childhood.  We have no insecurities, only 2 fears, loud noises and falling.  That’s it.  Now take this same group of children at the age of 7, when your identity forms and your critical mind forms.  They score only 5%.  What happens between 3 and 7? Earthly programming and disconnection to Source.  Most of us come from dysfunctional families.  Even the ones who come from “normal” families still have dysfunctional belief systems that were installed.  We are a culmination of all that we have experienced, throughout all time.

We are programmed in 2 direct ways:  1 early childhood subconscious programming, 2 traumas.  When you experience a trauma your conscious mind shuts down so your subconscious mind can absorb all information.  During the subconscious programming literally thousands of meanings are being installed, and either add to the beliefs you already have, or create new ones, and they are not usually positive beliefs.  Most of these beliefs are beliefs about who you believe yourself to be.  You go throughout your life operating from these unconscious systems.  Every meaning you have taken on, dictates what decisions you will make and how you will feel.  What you believe, subconsciously, about yourself and who you, are will dictate what level of success you reach in your life.  My client  was having a hard time attracting a loving relationship.  She was attracting all the wrong guys.  Men who were controlling, men who didn’t value her, men who were unavailable.  She honestly believed there was something wrong with her.  She thought that she was faulty.  Have you ever wanted to reach a goal so bad and you just kept falling short?  What do you automatically think?  There’s something wrong with you.  Well when the deep unconscious root was pulled to the surface the truth was discovered.  She was abandoned by her mother when she was 3 years old.  Her mother gave her a “last bath” and left.  Left her in the bath and never returned. From that experience she concluded there was something wrong with her.  And that if her own mother didn’t want her, surely no one else would.  On top of that she concluded that if she loved anyone, they would leave her.  She spent her entire life with this subconscious system running her life.  Another client of mine Darlene, she wasn’t reaching the level of success in her business she yearned for.  She was putting all this time and effort into buying new programs and learning new things, yet she wasn’t getting anywhere.  She was struggling financially and emotionally as she put her heart and soul into this dream only to yield no results.  She was on the verge of launching a training company and kept sabotaging herself.  She had people interested in taking her courses, yet she was “never ready”.  She was procrastinating on doing the things she needed to do and spinning her wheels on things she didn’t.  When getting to the root of the problem it had nothing to do with her business.  It was linked to her fear of being successful, letting people down, and being in the spotlight for others to “pick on her”.  She was in an abusive relationship when she was a teen, and from that was traumatically conditioned to believe if she stepped out she would be abused, so in order to stay safe, she was subconsciously keeping herself where she was, the comfort and safety zone, no matter how uncomfortable and unsafe it really was, it was known.  You see when we have experiences in life, especially traumatic ones, we keep the vantage point we had when it happened.  Even if it happened 50 years ago, you will still have the same perceptual remembering as you did when it occurred.  Think of a time going to Disney land when you were a child.  or anywhere else.  Or think of your 10th birthday or whatever birthday you can remember.  See it, really see it.  You are there, you are that person, you are that age.  So you can clearly understand that frozen in time, is that version of you, who still thinks the way that version thought.  Think of something painful that happened to you when you were young.  You still feel that pain right?  Level 6-10, it’s still there.  Well that pain is what is guiding your decision making.  We think that because we have learned to cope, we have healed and are not effected by it.  This is not the case, again we have only learned to cope.   Our identities are shaped by our perceptions.  What you believe about yourself, and who you believe yourself to be will determine what you will experience in life.  In every area.  Your feelings command the energy in the Universe.  You are given free will and so you were blessed with the right to choose.  You choose this, you’ll go this way.  You choose that, you’ll go that way.  When your choices are influenced by your earthly programming and your false identity, it makes it very difficult to catapult yourself into your desired destiny.  Chances are you are catapulting yourself right back into the cycle of karmic density.  Having to learn lessons the hard way and experience failure over and over with little successes, in one area of your life or another.  This programming shows up in different areas for different people.  Some people can have stellar careers and problematic relationships.  Or visa versa.  The level of success or failure is determined by the programming; The meaning you give things.

When the above faulty programming was “reprogrammed”, my clients experienced instantaneous deep healing and instantaneous results in their lives.  Soul mate relationships were born, lucrative businesses were born, and empowered women were awakened.  This is typical with my work.  Astronomical results are normal.

The meaning you give things will determine the course of action you take.  Most meanings you have for “things” were appointed when you were a child.  You still hold the same meaning for each thing as you did when it was originated.  Since time has passed most of your meanings have been solidified, growing stronger with time, as time gives you the opportunity to “gather more evidence”.  We attempt to “get away” from things that are in our past that cause us emotional pain.  Well this “getting away” does not actually get you away from it.  It enables the emotions to direct your life.  You must heal your past if you wish to have a beautiful future.  It does not have to be as hard as sitting on a couch, digging through each trauma.  That is the old way of doing things, and for the most part is not as beneficial as the new Quantum healing that is available to us.  In fact, when you “rehash” your past you are doing it from the same emotional feeling place as you did when it happened.  This is counter productive.  The new way of healing allows your wise adult self to come to new understandings and at the same time, allow the energy of healing to occur at deep, deep levels.  When the root is healed, all other like wounds, are healed without having to dissect through each one.  It is miraculous and spontaneous.  This method of healing we call “The Divine Effect” is very scientific.  We all know on some level that there is a healing force within each one of our cells, this is why our bodies heal cuts without us having to think about it.  When you access the subconscious mind on a deep level, the healing will naturally occur.  My clients experience deep healing from a level 10 pain to a 0 within minutes.  This is not random, and every one of my clients experiences this, every one of them.  Patterns and limitations that were previously stopping them from living their dreams, are instantly reprogrammed and they experience a deep sense of power, rendering them unstoppable.  The Universe aligns according to the new signal they are sending out, and magic happens where ever they go.  A scene in the movie “Transcendence” sums it up perfectly:  “if you leave out even one subconscious memory, you are dealing with an entirely different person”.  This is what I do, this is my gift.  I sense the hidden subconscious blocks and barriers within people, heal old wounds and turn them all to power.

Think of the patterns and programs that are running your life.  It is happening without you knowing it.  You are on Auto Pilot, living your life as you.  Is it relationship trouble?  Is it your ability to make good money?  Is it your health and fitness?  Is it your spirituality or connection with God?  There are patterns running your life in all areas.  Think of the areas you are experiencing difficulty in.  You have faulty programming there.  This Universe is NOT RANDOM.  It is very precise and predictable.  You can live the life you dream of living.  All it takes is to discover what programming is hindering you from beneath the surface and transform it to power; at deep levels.  “You cannot solve a problem from the same level of mind that created it.” Albert Einstein.  “Until You make the Unconscious Conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it Fate.”  Carl Jung.  You must look at things from outside of the frame.  This takes guidance and another mind to help you navigate.  Imagine living your life from a place of power, rather than a place of protection?  You are a culmination of all of your experiences through out all of time.  Isn’t it time that you deliberately decide what you want to become, what is serving you, and what isn’t so you can move on in your life to your souls fullest expression?  I think it is.  The time is NOW.



Randina Marie

“The Queen of Rapid Transformation”

LMNLPP. CMWLC, Certified Life Coach, Energy Healer

Transformational Healer, Author, and Speaker






In this life there are 4 potential life paths.  You fall under one of these 4 categories.  I will explain them in depth in a moment, but first, I must explain how the process of creation itself works.  We are born as infants, although our souls are as old as the beginning itself, if there was such a thing.  We think of an infant as being innocent and not knowing anything, but, this is egotistical thinking.  An infant is an energetic being and within its energetic field is a world of information.  We choose to create our lives before we descend into human form.  We choose life themes with energy to balance and love to be felt.  We know we are creators as children.  Unfortunately, our creative powers are conditioned out of us almost entirely by the time we are 7 years old.  It just so happens, this is the exact same time our consciousness and our identity forms.  Before this time, we have no conscious mind.  We are purely subconscious sponges, soaking up every Bit of information we are exposed to, and creating meanings around that information.  In fact, the very meanings you concluded during those early years, are the same meanings you still hold today; regarding every subject you can think of.  We were subject, not only from our pre-physical energetic resonance, but, our early conditioning as well.  And thus, we were created into the very humans you see today.  Look in the mirror, you are a culmination of pre-concluded information.  The life path you chose and the conditioning you experienced, are the Bits of information that created the “you” you have come to know.  This information creates an energetic current within you.  Some subjects are stronger than others, which is why you will experience more of one thing in one area of life, than another thing in another area of life.  This current you are vibrating, broadcasts a signal to the “Mind of God” or the photons in the Quantum field, and attracts to you people, places, situations, and experiences that match it.  Your understanding of the creation of your life and how the energy in the Universe works, is your Golden ticket to Mastering your creation.

The early programming you experienced, dictates how you will interpret every second of your life.  These interpretations determine your feelings, your feelings create your current, and your current does the creating in the physical.  Most of us are not aware of the thoughts we are thinking, and only become aware of the feelings we are feeling, when they have reached the climax of intensity; good or bad.  For the most part we have been conditioned into being “Earthbound”; left brain, logical, reality, fight or flight mode.  We have little or no connection to the Divine, or to our higher selves, when we live in these states of being.  Even the most well meaning religious or spiritual people, have waivering belief systems in the power of the Universe and themselves as creators.  It seems that only a few understand the depth of this truth and how the Universe works.   This leads me to the 4 paths in life.

The first path:  This type of person has no idea of the creative power they hold, and are succumb to the “chaos” created by this ignorance.  They are usually “lower class”, poverty stricken, third world, uneducated individuals who are “primitive” and completely “Earthbound”; fear mode, survival, fight or flight.  They experience the worst horrors in life, due to this ignorance.  They are unaware of how creation works, and so they continue to experience the Karmic Density Cycle.  They have no dreams, no visions, and are constantly dealing with pain and suffering; all self induced.  They do not know where they are going, and their only hope is to get through the day.  They are usually living paycheck to paycheck, if they even have a paycheck to float on.  They eat food that is toxic to their bodies, adding to the imbalance of their experience.  Their thoughts are out of control and their chaotic minds run their bodies into stressful states of being.  This is why 1 out of 2 women will die of a stress related disease, and 90% of all disease is stress related.  In this state of unconsciousness, is where the majority of humans reside.

The second path:  This type of person has some idea of their creative power, or at least the knowledge that if you have a goal you work towards it.  They many even dare to dream, and might even attempt to reach their dreams.  They do not get very far though, at the first sign of adversity, they contract back into their old patterns and assume the world is against them.  This could be in the reaching for their dreams in business, or this could be in reaching for their dreams of having a harmonious relationship.  They think problems are the norm and to be expected in life, and view “set backs” as “stops” in moving forward.  Their thoughts are also out of control and they are usually “head centered”.  They continue to create difficulty for themselves, and their lessons become more difficult as they get older.  They do not thoroughly think through to the depths of the implications of their actions.  These are the “out of sight, out of mind” types.  They usually face defeat a great deal of the time, or settle for mediocre.  They have faulty belief systems and believe in lack and scarcity.  They believe things like “you have to work hard for money”, and “you take one step forward and two steps back”.  They believe life is a struggle and is meant to be hard; “survival of the fittest” mentality.  They may have successes in certain areas of their life, but, are usually lacking in one or more of them.  This is also a state of unconsciousness.  This is where a good percentage of people dwell.

The third path:  This type of person may create and not understand how they are creating.  They may be the type of person “things just work out for”.  They don’t experience much difficulty in life or in the manifesting of their dreams.  Things just seem to happen for them as if by luck.  They are “naturally gifted” and have mostly great experiences in life.  These types of people are good to continue on their path of “blissful ignorance”, because people who do things “naturally” have a hard time explaining how they do it.  In fact, if they had to break it down that would mean they would have to learn the process, and they may never be able to do it again.  It’s like asking an all star baseball player how he swings the bat just so, to get that perfect hit.  If he tried to analyze his body to “figure out” what it was exactly, that he did, he would “tweak” his process, and his results would change.  These people are few and far between.

The fourth path:  These types of people are deliberate creators.  They are Master Manifestors.  They understand how the Universe works, and they get themselves in line with it, to create whatever they wish.  They know the formula for creation and what they have to do to get their current to match their dreams, and desires.  These are the Ultimate Master Manifestors.  They know that the science to creation is just that, a science, and they know how to duplicate this formula for whatever they choose.  Be it relationships, health, business, travel, adventure, anything, they know how to create it in harmony with the Laws of the Universe.  They have dreams and they understand that all perceived “obstacles”, are really only crash courses, to “train” them into the being they must BE, in order to DO and HAVE.  They rarely get caught up in the density of it all, and they “see” clearly.  They do all they must do, and they do it everyday.  It is second nature for them and they create on auto pilot.  Their consciousness is above the density.  They are the observer.  Time is of no consequence.  They understand the cycles and rhythms of life and flow with them. They know this is just one experience of many, and are genuinely happy to be alive.  These type of people are a rare breed.

It is not necessary to hold yourself in judgement for where you think you land on any particular path.  Judgement holds the thing being judged in place.  You cannot move when you are in a place of judgement.  One of the keys to ascending to the 4th path of creation is to become the observer.  Practice now.  It is possible to waiver from path to path (with the exception of the 3rd), however, once you have reached the 4th path, there is no going back, unless you choose to become unconscious again.  The goal in life is to ascend and expand.  Which is why when we are contracted, we die (literally and figuratively).  You can learn how to live in the 4th path.  If you are experiencing difficulty in any area of your life right now, it is due to faulty programming.  We knew our power as children.  We forgot.  We can remember.  The ones who are remembering are teaching you how.  If you are reading this chances are you are in between the 2nd and 4th paths.  Do not worry, keep learning, and keep ascending.  You will learn your power to create if that is what you have a strong desire for.  You would not have a goal or a desire if there was not potential for you to reach it.  The law of polarity says very clearly, where there is one end, the other must be.  The problem always arrives with the solution.  There is Hot and there is Cold.  There is Angry and there is Happy.  Where there is one there is the other.  The Universe inspired your desire, be it for more money, more love, or more happiness.  If you dream it, you can do it.  You must learn how you work in relation to how the Universe works.  If you wish to become a Master Manifestor, you must learn.   Learning this will quantum leap your life, and all of your dreams, from dream form, to your physical reality.  Where one can do it, all can do it.  It is law.






How Your Intuition and your Creativity were Squashed!



How Your Intuition and your Creativity were Squashed!

For whatever reason humans have evolved into a species that have become totally “Earthbound”.  We have reached a point where few dare to dream and even fewer dare to believe in their dreams.  Even the ones who do believe in their dreams allow “problems” to be interpreted as “signs”, and “failures” to be seen as the Universe or God, as somehow telling them to stop, that what they are after is not meant to be.  “It’s a sign” they say,  “I hit a bump in the road (or a sink hole), and it must mean this is not my destiny!” they say.  This is frequently the mindset taken when it comes to pursuing your dreams.  I get it.  It can be a tough road on the path to living your dreams in your physical reality, things rarely ever happen without a “cost”.  Most, unfortunately, give up just before the Magic occurs.  Never knowing how close they actually were, and dying with regret and bitterness, because their dreams were never realized.  You see, the problem I have with this whole mentality is….. IT’S BULLSHIT AND A LAZY WAY OF LIVING LIFE!  When you have a dream, and you want with all your might to experience this dream, NOTHING will stop you, NOTHING.  So if you give up or choose to believe in your “signs”, you must not have really wanted the thing you said you wanted.

The Universe works like this….  We have a goal or a dream, and depending on how big the goal or the dream is will determine how challenging your “lessons” must be, to mold you into the person who can fit the description of the dream you say you want.  The “stops” are usually not “stops”.  They are an integral part of your journey, designed to guide you to where your soul has decided you should go this time around.  Nothing happens by accident.  Now we get to choose what those things mean, and most times we choose to make them mean “it’s a sign”.  WRONG!  Here’s your sign.  You need challenges to strength train your physical self.  The situations that arise in your life are not problems.  They are challenges.  A challenge is something that creates a newfound strength within you.  A strength that is necessary for you to have so you can become the You, you say you want to be.  It usually isn’t until we look back that we connect the dots.  How about connecting them now?  If you have a dream, keep going.  You cannot meet demise when you are moving through the challenges designed to grow you.  Your level of difficulty will depend on how great your vision and your dream is.  The bigger the vision, the more challenging the challenges, but, the bigger the reward.  Think of how boring it is to climb a hill, vs. climbing a mountain.  The more difficult our journey, the sweeter the victory.  I know it doesn’t seem this way when you’re going through it.  This is because you have not elevated your consciousness.  Become the observer and you will see what the point of this blog is.

To make it easier for you to understand I will break it down for you. Our natural design is to be in connection with our intuition, our higher selves, and the Universe around us.  When we have a dream or imagine something, we play it out, we follow our guidance and we get to where we desire to be.  All experiences between the inception of the dream and the physical manifestation of the dream, are there to teach us what we need to know to get us to the next level to experience our dream.  What actually happens is…. we get here, we are told to stop imagining and that our imaginary friends aren’t real and are made up (making us feel bad), to stop day dreaming, to “get real”, to logically and “realistically” figure things out, and those of us who have stronger more active senses are made to feel like we are witches from salem, coupled with chaotic life experiences and poor choices of the adults in our lives, our left brain “fight or flight” responses are activated, disconnecting us from our Source, rendering us Earthbound.  Survival mode is in full force, and we “Forget”.  Life becomes a series of Unfortunate and “random” events and we lose our way.  The natural human design is to be creative, and in tune with our guidance system, aka our intuition.  A child’s imagination is very active and is exactly what is needed to create.  If we only looked at what is, there would be nothing to look at.  We would not have airplanes, phones, or any of the luxuries we enjoy today.  There would be no buildings, no cars, no clothes.  It took dreamers to create these things.  Dreamers who were dedicated to their dreams and never gave up until they were made manifest.  This is the kind of devotion you must have.  Unfortunately, this is the exact faculty that was conditioned out of us at early ages.  Children between the ages of 0-3 have a natural creativity rating of 95-100% depending upon what life experiences they had in their lives.  The same groups of children tested at 7 years old had a creativity rating of 5%…..  Ummmmmm….  Ok so what happens?  I will tell you!  Children are naturally creative and intuitive.  The adults and Society condition it out of them!  Because it was conditioned out of them!  And so the cycle repeats.

School is an enforcer of this conditioning, condition.  For example, my son is very intuitive.  Fortunately for him he has a mother who has had to overcome the cultural conditioning and encourages his abilities.  For two years in a row he got Proficient on his state testing.  How happy I was and congratulatory to him I was.  He looks at me with the most serious face I have ever seen, he was in third grade at this point, and he says “Momma, I guessed.”  I said in laughter “oh no, you silly, there’s no way”, and he said “yeah, I did, I just read the question and then I picked an answer, my stomach would tell me.”  I could not believe it.  For two years he told me that, and I did not believe it.  Then in his 4th grade class, his teacher discovered his methods while he was taking a math test.  “I need to see your work Deagan.  You can’t just give me the answer. I need to see how you got the answers.  Write out the problem.”  What do you think happened?  He began having trouble in math when before he would guess the answers and get them correct.  All of them!  He just knew.  My niece was the same way.  Once they were forced to shut down their right brain and “logically” break down the problem, they suddenly began disliking math.  We are taught to question our instant answers, when this is the truest form of an answer we could ever receive.  We are forced to logically break every thing down and dissect it to reach a conclusion, and so we do this with everything.  Instead of just listening to our gut, we are taught not to trust it.  Do you understand the delay this causes.  I am sure you can see.  We get so caught up in our heads, we have forgotten our hearts and our bodies are 5,000 times more powerful than our thoughts alone.  We have a guidance system and we have learned to discount it.  The primitive survival mode has kept us from hearing our true source and we remain disconnected, lost in the chaos of life.  Dreaming and losing hope in our dreams because we come to the conclusions that they are just not for us.  It is programmed into our consciousness that we must be “logical” and look to “reality” to see what’s possible.  Every problem we face, we use this left brain “structure”.  Look around you, you can see the amount of people who have bought into this crap.  Which is another reason why it is so hard to clear the clutter of your mind, because you see everyone else living this way, you think “see” and so your brain affirms it.  This coupled with the fact that most of us have experienced major set backs and traumas in our lives, so our subconscious mind is working against us (inadvertently) too!  We want to believe in God and a higher power, but even that has been tainted.  We are taught God is punishing, and if we mis-behave, we will suffer the consequences.  Ummmm NO!  We are here under free- will, correct?  Then why on Earth would we be punished now, and again when we die, for exercising our free will?  We wouldn’t.  The law of Cause and Effect, aka Karma, takes care of the energy we emit and brings it back to us.  It is not a God punishing you.  But, this is what we are taught.  We are also taught that everything is scary, and even if we want to live peaceful lives, we can’t because the world is in such a negative state, that we would be selfish to be happy “when there are people suffering”.  So, with all of this going on in the background of our consciousness and the fact that we have been disconnected from any sort of truth, you can see why people give up on their dreams so easily, or never even dare to dream.  Well, I am here to tell you enough!

You can begin to re-activate your right brain; the solution oriented, creative side of your intuitive mind.  You can bring it back to life, and reconnect in such a way that you will see everything that has caused you to be disconnected, was all for your highest and best. You can begin to practice this with your children and maybe one day we will never have to go through the “Earthbound” syndrome again.  We are supposed to be connected to our Higher selves so they can give our “lower” selves guidance, and we can direct our brains and bodies in the direction of our fullest potential.  How do you do this?  By doing all the things that cause you to activate your creativity and your intuition.  Coloring, Painting, Imagining, Drawing, Dancing, Connecting to the feminine energy, MEDITATION is the key.  Meditate everyday for 30 minutes a day, for 30 days, in silence, Become the observer, Use brainwave entrainment technology, Yoga.  Whatever you can do to awaken that inner voice of clarity and love within you.  Once you do this, you will naturally reconnect with your dreams and you will manifest them into your physical reality at quantum speeds.  You will know that all that is “put” in your path is to teach you what you must know or what you must do, to become the you you desire to be.  The journey becomes delightful.  This is the fastest way to allow all of your false programming to fall away.  Connect to the Divine and watch your life transform as if by magic.  Being connected in this way, brings you a sense of clarity you can only imagine.  You know what your dreams are.  You know that the Universe is designed to support you.  You hear your intuition loud and clear, and you know very well the difference between your intuitive voice and fear; Hint:  your intuitive voice never tells you to not do something, out of fear, it is always framed “in your highest and best”.  To be aligned with your spirit and your destiny is a blessing that cannot be described in words.
Aligning with your purpose and knowing you are being guided to it, is the most fulfilling of all human experiences.  You can train your brain, your body, and your environment into this “new” way of being, no matter where you are starting from, or how disconnected you have become.  Connect to the light and you will never lose your way.

“Harnessing the Power of the Universe”

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Randina Marie
MNLPP. MWLC. Certified Life Coach, Energy Healer
Transformational Healer, Author, and Speaker